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Elite Cycling Program

BGM Sports Offers a elite developmental program for cyclists looking to turn themselves into a Professional Quality Athlete.  This elite program is designed as a stepping stone for junior and middle category cyclists.  Ideal for the competitor looking to excel and enjoy their weekend cycling not survive it, become a competitive racing cyclist. 


$450 gets you a Start up interview.

The Elite Program starts at $390.00 per 4 weeks period and Include:

  • Startup interview.
  • New training profiles every week.
  • consultations as per needed.

Additional Programs;

  • Nutrition Supplement Guide.
  • Performance Dietary Guide.
  • Psychological Race Preparation.
  • Tactical Race Preparation.
  • Personal Bike Fitting.
  • Weight Program.
  • Personal Training sessions.



or try our Professional Cycling Program here.



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BGM Sports
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