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World Masters Gold Medalist
California Elite Medalist
Australian State Champion



2  x  Olympic Silver Medalist

World Masters Gold Medalist
Australian Champion     World Medalist



  • Our Professional Cycling Programs are designed for the more serious athlete looking for that personal guidance to take them to the highest levels of their sport, along with our Elite Cycling Program for the weekend athlete that wants to maximize their time available to achieve personal bests on a regular basis our services are all personal and directly with the coaches. 

Successful studies in Fitness and Nutrition along with over 45 combined years of racing experience, allows us to use proven techniques and  carefully control the training volume and intensity to increasingly fatigue your body, challenging it to grow stronger.


The goals of our coaching programs are,

  •    To teach you how to monitor your body.

  •    To teach you to understand what your body is telling you.

  •    To teach you what the workouts will help you achieve.

  •    To teach you how to apply the workouts to improved performance. 

Developing a close working relationship with your coach is of utmost importance to maximize performance improvements. By educating you on your body we are insuring the understanding needed to achieve positive results.     

Commitment is crucial to achieving your potential in sports.    Your performances will reflect the amount of commitment you gave. Commitment lets you put your training into a measurable form.

The science of exercise physiology is based on a set of physiological facts about how our bodies respond to training. Our Training techniques are based on those same principles.

 It is not necessary for you to understand the sciences involved but teaching you how to monitor and control your body along with an understanding of the workouts will help you to see real cycling gains.

Setting Goals

Setting goals and targets for yourself is important, you need an objective to aim for.  Are they realistic!

What would you like to achieve during this and the next season!  

Show patience and persistence in reaching your goal. You will experience setbacks along the way, but realize that they are a normal consequence of trying to improve. We need to fail to accurately evaluate where our limits are. Knowing our limits gives us the confidence to make the split second decisions that decide races. 


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