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Professional Cycling Program

BGM Sports Offers a developmental program for cyclists looking to turn themselves into a competitive Professional Athlete.

$550 gets you a Start up interview.


The Professional Program starts at $695.00

per 4 weeks period and Include:

  • Startup interview.
  • New training profiles every week.
  • consultations as per needed.
  • Nutrition Supplement Guide.
  • Performance Dietary Guide.
  • Psychological Race Preparation.
  • Tactical Race Preparation.
  • Personal Bike Fitting.
  • Weight Program.
  • Personal Training sessions.



By enrolling in our Professional Cycling Program you will be taught the principals in training the human body for performance.  Riding your bicycle is only a small part in becoming a elite cyclist.  Our programs will teach you knowledge in all aspects of the sport, including nutrition, psychological race preparation and schooled in the art of racing.

Daily commitment is crucial to achieving your potential in cycling.  The road to the top is full of personal sacrifices and you can tell a champion by his or hers sacrifices. 


or try our Elite Cycling Program here.



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BGM Sports
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