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" A Nonlinear High Performance Complex Training System Model "
A Track Cycling Specialist's needs. Track Cycling what's the difference.

Training Anaerobic Energy Out-puts (AEO's) independent of aerobic oxygen consumption. When holding a constant Vo2 between the different muscle contraction type combinations we find a significant out-put difference. Neuromuscular delivery techniques for Track Endurance Cycling.

Cloning a GEC A Athletes Genetic Expression.

The simple version for most is if we can calculate the maximum muscle out-put tension (torque) of a athlete we can then build a strength program to target the skeletal muscles to function "Cloning a GEC A Athlete Genetic Expression" with eccentric contraction training drills stressing the structural integrity of the athlete more efficiently at the same perceived efforts with a reduction in oxygen consumption by reallocate the muscle fiber type and recruitment patterns to hold an inertia equation to comply with Newton's Laws of Motion.

When the resistance is greater than the force developed by the muscle, like in an eccentric muscle contraction it creates more efficiency or explosiveness or a combination of the 2 as the body is able to reuse a percentage of the energy force for the next movement through muscle elasticity recoil and improved recruitment patterns. For a Track athlete we primarily want the efficiency increase for decreasing the initial impact of the contraction controlling the opening micro energy spike "Cloning a GEC A Athlete Genetic Expression" for combating the subconscious urge to resist the conflicting force within the arc of the Track Surface lowering the out-put variance as the neuromuscular communication is lost within the arc on the athlete enabling them to control their LT better by producing an inertia delivery equation to comply with Newton's laws of motion.

This type of training leads to muscles that respond with significant increases in muscle strength and power so must be done in a controlled fashion to avoid injury and manage the critical fatigue failing neurological and bioelectrical systems first and then the Skeletal muscle biochemical fatigue elements last as they are not associated to oxygen consumption failures to produce the final effort.

Developing huge increases in out-put power is not hard, controlling it and making it function in a conflicting force environment is.

To lean how to hold the correct constant muscle contractile force to the correct muscle tensions time rate of force equation to isolate the "Sympathetic Nervous System" to produce an appropriate eccentric-concentric muscle contraction ratio to "Clone a GEC A Athlete Genetic Expression" takes time and patience and a lot of practice, it sounds simple but if done incorrectly can produce nasty side effects, this is a passive performance drill not an aggressive one to change the body's muscle structure's out-put ratio's. Brining the Big Gear Road Work of controlled tension workouts for endurance development back into the weight room at the correct ratios is critical in finishing the development off to get the correct amount of explosive power development to stop at the desired level. This is then finally produced back to a progressive resistance device like a Bike Technologies Australia ATS indoor training unit to the final base torque out-put of the speed neuromuscular equation needed to produce a final equations muscle recruitment pattern.

This whole process is a huge extension of your gym program and nothing to do with trying hard, it requires a enormous amount of discipline and dedication to deliver the controlled precise data equations to pre developed schedules to change the structural out-put ratios of the body to the final out-put ratio's required to produce a " GEC A Athlete Genetic Expression."

With an effective " GEC A Athlete Genetic Expression" cloning process over 96 week a athletes now has a dramatic postural change as they are optimized at maximum ratios very efficiently with a reduction in aerobic oxygen consumption by reallocate the muscle fiber type and recruitment patterns with a increase in out-put force.

When we look at neuromuscular adaptation techniques for the track surface we must blend a strength resistance (torque) Eccentric Contraction into a (speed) Concentric Contraction to get the desired maximum out-puts to "Clone a GEC A Athlete Genetic Expression". This adaptation process is the key, not trying hard ! For the elite 1 in a million athlete this neuromuscular communication out-put tension variation transfer is near instant. For just a regular elite athlete this process may take 4 to 6 weeks in the development phase and has to be spaced over 3 different attempts before they can begin to mimic the same out-put variations and taking control back of maintaining their LT efficiently when performing at the indoor venues.

When balancing an athlete in this fashion to the track surface it is at the top end of specializing the body for a given set of circumstances and break most conventional cardio based limits as the strength manipulation of the skeletal muscles re-engineer's the athlete to the average ratio's of your elite 1 in a million athlete to function correctly with in conflicting force environment to produce the required inertia equation to conform to Newton's laws of motion.

With the correct patience and character to reproduce the requested tasks you can be built.

Understanding the Science of movement, Energy transfer and Oxygen expenditure when combined with the correct execution of tension workouts and controlled delivery sequences produces a maximum effort is the key to optimizing your performance.

Understanding the "WHY" in a Complex Training Profile Model is critical as if the objective is not understood, just following a script produces a dangerous progression of negative effects causing a premature and critical failure of the athlete body to perform their requested tasks in as little as 5 - 7 days.

Having stated " Performance Objectives " and understanding the " WHY " is critical to succeeding.

Remember This !!

"Track Cycling is a Specialized discipline".

Understanding a new language takes time and patience.

'Stay Relaxed'

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Strength (Torque)             -             Power (watts)             -             RPM (Leg speed)

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