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" A Nonlinear High Performance Complex Training System Model "
A Track Cycling Specialist's needs. Track Cycling what's the difference.


"Learning to Break the Rules with Fluid Dynamics and Eccentric Contraction tension gradients"

"Skeletal Muscles & Fluid Dynamics"

Speaking with most of you the belief is that the gym makes you feel stronger but does not improve your cycling, so why do it, Most don't. Lets look at why as the explosive power of the weight programs are not what you are after first if you are a Track cyclist targeting Racing.

With any type of strength training then the resistance is great enough to induce hypertrophy it will increase the size of the myofibrals and the sarcoplasm simultaneously. You can not increase one without the other.

Myofibrillar hypertrophy is an enlargement of the muscle fiber, it contracts and generates tension in the muscle. With this type of hypertrophy, the area density of myofibrils increases and there is a significantly increase in the ability to produce strength out-puts. Normally this is what an athletes is after but for us it has to wait until the second year's development phase or it maintains the fading performances within the arc of the indoor Track facility. We have to balance our out-put ratio's to the track surface first to produce a compatible out-put to gravitational and motion laws to produce faster and non fading performances.

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is an increase in the volume of the non-contractile muscle cell fluid, Sarcoplasm. This fluid accounts for 25-30% of the muscle’s size. Although the cross sectional area of the muscle increases, the density of muscle fibers decreases, and there is no increase in muscular strength. The Sarcoplasm fluid of the muscle fiber holds unusually large amounts of glycosomes (granules of stored glycogen) and significant amounts of myoglobin, an oxygen binding protein. The volume of fluid inside the cell and between the cells increases the anaerobic structural strength fatigue elements due to sarcoplasmic and mitochondria development inside the cell to function independently increasing the anaerobic fibers run time activated by the Indoor Track its self. This is what we are after not the explosive power of the myofibrils development in the first year. We are after it to add to the structural torsional integrity of the athlete skeletal structure along with increasing the fuel system at the muscle site to maintain a steadier out-put when working Tapering routine efforts without producing an increase in aerobic energy expenditure to the Track surface and accelerating the muscle site recovery process throughout the workout by supplying a nutrient enriched environment for the muscle cells site recovery process. 

When in the development phase we must slow the body's muscle contraction rate down while maintaining the correct time rate of force to the muscle contraction tension (torque) in order to make the adaptation process effective and must be done in a very controlled environment as we cross back and forth developing the Sarcoplasm fluid. If the muscle contraction rate is not increased in a controlled fashion at the appropriate rate while maintaining the correct torque pressure gradient the development process is nullified and the volume of sarcoplasm fluid is decreased and no development of the Anaerobic Fatigue Elements is produce.

Eccentric training development drills produce out-put force without producing an increase in aerobic energy expenditure that is absorbed by the elastic recoil energy and is dissipated as heat within the body skeletal muscles because the primary focus of the muscle is being used as a shock absorber to control the opening force of the contraction, not to generate force it self in the development phase. This leads to a increase in core body temperature and if not done at the correct ratio's will produce enough of a increase in core temperature to be dangerous if not controlled properly. A proper nutritional plan is need to control and manage the body's temperature fluctuations to effect blood values correctly and safely.

Eccentric training and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy development of the muscle's leads to stronger muscles, faster muscle repair and an increase in the metabolic rate, all great things, but the recovery process must take priority over any out-put increases to maintain and manage the anaerobic performance fatigue elements effects to align the Athlete's Sympathetic Nervous System (CNSS) GEC to improve performances to have a positive progression of the strength development to convert it back to a performance increase to the Track surface.

Both these techniques will not be found in the Sports Performance Journals but in the Rehabilitation and Recovery Journals of the Merging Sports Medical World so need appropriate training to understand the proper use of them, a fit athlete can produce enough force to be dangerous when not monitored properly and must be produced to a very structured program.

Understanding the Science of movement, Energy transfer and Oxygen expenditure when combined with the correct execution of tension workouts and controlled delivery sequences produces a maximum effort is the key to optimizing your performance.

Understanding the "WHY" in a Complex Training Profile Model is critical as if the objective is not understood, just following a script produces a dangerous progression of negative effects causing a premature and critical failure of the athlete body to perform their requested tasks in as little as 5 - 7 days.

Having stated " Performance Objectives " and understanding the " WHY " is critical to succeeding.

Remember This !!

"Track Cycling is a Specialized discipline".

Understanding a new language takes time and patience.

'Stay Relaxed'

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Strength (Torque)             -             Power (watts)             -             RPM (Leg speed)

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