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"Track Cycling is a Specialized discipline".

"Nonlinear Complex High Performance Training System Models"
A Track Cycling Specialist's needs. "Track Cycling what's the difference."

"Olympic & World Cup Race Development Programs."

When Track Cycling Indoors and Developing Race Preparation Programs for Elite Athletes at Olympic and World Cup Competition level it is very different than Road and at Outdoor Track facilities as in a controlled environment on the smaller Indoor Tracks many conventional Base Exercise Physiologist Performance theories and rules are insufficient and require Sports Specific Development methods because the facility's themselves interface with the athlete very differently than producing an inline effort producing many performance fatigue problems for the athletes.

Because Gravitation "Gravity" is an applied external force within the arc, it can only be over come with the 'appropriate force' within an arc to maintain momentum to produce speed on an Indoor Cycling Facility. At International Level Time Standards this becomes a conflicting force so a Race Specific Program must address the elements associated to this interface on the athlete to produce competitive International Level Athletes 'Safely'

Developing an understanding of "Force Manipulation Techniques" and 'Appropriate Data Analysis Techniques' for Track specific athletes is critical in understanding Track Cycling to turn the effort efficiently within the Indoor Facilities to produce a compliant out-put to Newton's Motion Laws to generate speed on a Indoor Facility.

An athlete trapped in a conflicting force environment must use a "Nonlinear Complex High Performance Training System Model" to target the cascading Muscle Fatigue Performance Elements which are restricting the performance combating the gravitational force which are not associated to the athletes physical power out-puts to have access to their inline Functional Threshold Power capacity's beginning with an understanding of

Anaerobic Energy Out-puts (AEO's). - Cloning a GEC A Athlete.
Hypertrophy Specific Training - Anaerobic Workloads.
Cell Volume Eccentric Contraction - Skeletal Muscles & Fluid Dynamics
Athlete's Sympathetic Nervous System (CNSS) GEC Development. - A Track Cyclist's Power House

A Track Cyclist must learn to use Oxygen in different formats to be Successful.

A Race Preparation Performance Coach must have a understanding of Engineering Physics and the Optimal Movement Variability Biological Systems within the body to maintain and monitor the critical fatigue failing neurological and bioelectrical systems and then the Skeletal muscle biochemical fatigue elements that are not associated to oxygen consumption techniques to produce the effort for International Level Racing Preparation Programs within a conflicting force environment. Having an appropriate level of experience with data analysis techniques for Track Specific Race Preparation Programs monitoring and separating the critical fatigue failing Biological Systems is Mandatory to keep maximum safe Homeostasis out-put capabilities.

Understanding the Science of movement, Energy transfer and Oxygen expenditure when combined with the correct execution of tension workouts and controlled delivery sequences produces a maximum effort is the key to optimizing your indoor performances.

Remember This !!

"Track Cycling is a Specialized discipline".

Understanding a new language takes time and patience.

'Stay Relaxed'

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Strength (Torque)             -             Power (watts)             -             RPM (Leg speed)

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