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Masters World Track Championships.

Sydney Australia October 2009


2009 Race Schedule and Results


Well I arrived in Australia to start the final preparations for the Championships and Melbourne greeted me with a freezing 44 degree day and rocked me to the core and never really warmed up at all. Lucky the track was indoors.

The next 4 weeks of training went excellent with great training sessions at the local Northcote indoor track. When time came to pack for the drive to Sydney for the races I was more than prepared and feeling confident of a good showing and off we set. 10 hours later we pulled in to the apartment drive way and headed up stairs for a well earned sleep.

We rolled over to the track the next morning to check in for the pre race sign in packages and a look around. All was good and we headed back for breakfast before returning for a warm up on the track in the afternoon.

Day 1 was the 750 TT for me which was going to be a guide to compare speed with the other riders. I was not expecting to win. I was faster than last year and quicker than all the other riders I had tagged as dangerous for the distance raced. So my confidence grew greatly for the up coming 10 KM race.

O and I still finished in 9 place.


10 KM Scratch Race heats

The morning started with the heats of the scratch race and was a good chance to get a hit out as this was actually my first race in 6 weeks as we had  just been running behind the motor bike in Melbourne.

The heat was a lot faster than I expected but a perfect warm up and practice for the final lay out for the sprint. I crossed the line first and moved into the final. Afterwards while checking the qualifiers for the final I realized we had ridden 6.01 for the heat compared to a 6.30 in heat one which was a great confidence boost as most of my main rivals were in heat one. We headed back to the room for lunch and a massage.



10 KM Scratch Race Final

Well it was time to head back to the track for the final. I had a great warm up and the track was allot faster than in the morning. I decided to put my gear up to a 99 in stead of the 97 I was going to use.

As the race headed up the ramp onto the track proper for the rolling lap I was feeling good. The gun fired and we got into it straight away as it seemed every body wanted to push the pace which I was expecting. Mid race a group of 3 and then 2 more flew of the front and joined together quickly. We had been riding such a fast tempo and had not slowed down I decided to hesitate as they had to have been in the red to accelerate that quick and were going to have to slow to recover. A few laps went by and they began to shuffle each other and as they slowed to get organized, I took the opportunity to jumped across to them.

As I got their a little too quickly they had not got going again. I swung to the fence to drop my speed off and parked on the rear. Had a great boost of confidence as I had not even wound the gear up to get there. As the tempo picked back up we got back under way.

As we came into the last 10 laps I did not want to be to close to the front and moved back a little to about 10 wheel so I could take a run with 2 to go and hit the front at the bell. The pace was perfect tempo, just a little too fast to take a flyer, I started to move out side the wheels as the pace slowed marginally at 3 to go.

Chris Best USA took advantage of the lull and  began to take a flyer with Bret Kay also from the USA on his wheel around the out side of me, I started to followed down the back straight but decided to hang back as the pace was to fast this far out to survive. At 2 to go I was now in my strike zone. With total confident I pulled out and started to get the gear rolling, Chris still had it moving with Bret on his wheel at the front in single file. I had free rain rolling down the outside of the line and hit full throttle coming into the front straight to get the bell. I hit the front at the bell and header for home down the back straight. I took a quick peek entering the home straight and realized it was all over and saluted the crowd.

This one was a little special as my number one fan my mum was in the grandstand watching and it was her birthday.  Happy Birthday!


20km Points Score Heats.

Just did enough to make the final by picking up points in a couple of sprints and kept out of trouble. The race was way faster than I expected though.


20km Points Score Final

The plan was to stay relaxed and push for a lap after the second or third sprint. As the race fired up the pace was on from the gun and never eased. After 3 attempts to split the field I realized it was not going to happen and sat back a little. Mistake one, a gap opened and I had to bridge back up as we got the bell for a sprint lap and had to chase hard to get back to the leaders. As the laps wound down their was only 9 of us left on the leading lap and I still had not scored any points so I took the easy way out and went to the infield and called it a day. I was pretty disappointed at my effort as I had done a lot of extra work to give this race a good shake and I did not even finish.

Overall though we had another great trip with a perfect run in the Scratch race to win earlier in the week so all is good in the end.

Thanks to every one who helped out to make it another World Championship year.






Masters World Track Championships.

Sydney Australia October 2008


Well starting the season with the World Championships is always a bit daunting but just the way the world of cycling around the globe works.

 The Melbourne weather has been great for the 4 last for weeks of training for the races in Sydney. Got real lucky and was able to jump in with Hilton Clarks squad over at the Northcote track and had the perfect build up.

We headed off to Sydney and got settled in at our apartment a couple of days before racing began.

First up was the 750 TT which really was to get the first race over and settled in as I had not trained for it and its a long way to fly to watch. My time was ok and finished 8 th overall.


10 KM Scratch Race

The race started of from the gun with 2 guys getting a half a lap straight away. Their was a negative reaction from the bunch and it was not till they were in the same straight that Craig Taylor attacked off the front, every body was still waiting so I decided to go after him. I picked him up quickly and we began to swap turns.

Looking across the track we now had half a lap our selves and pushed on. The two other riders Claus Christiansen and Peter Toth had reached the field and were pushing the pace hard trying to stop our progress. We played a tug of war for 10 laps till they eventually tired and we were able to pick up the field and now all four of us were on the leading lap.

We were now down to 10 to go and two more guy attacked of the front, one of their team mates Rob Upton went to the front and was slowing the pace down. I patiently waited as Claus attempted to push the pace back up in short bursts. With 5 to go I moved up to second wheel and kept pushing up to slowly increase the speed of the blocker Rob Upton. At 2 to go I had pushed his speed enough to stop the others from being a factor.

I checked and saw Claus moving down the out side in the front straight. At the bell he pulled up along side me and I saw he was struggling. So I held him on my hip and waited till coming into the back straight to move out and jump by Rob. I had not seen were the other 2 guy were so I had to ride it to the line to make sure.

Well that was a bloody hard ride, we ended up clocking a time of 12.04 for the 10 K which was the fastest of all the age groups.




Got to the track for the warm up and boy, my leg's were tired. Did my warm up jump and I was way down in top end speed. I did a reasonable flying 200 of 11.52 but was way below my training runs in Melbourne of 11.1 but with one win in the bag who cared.

I qualified 5 in the end so it was ok. I breezed through the next rounds and now came up against Peter Barnard which was going to be a good race the next day.

I was feeling good the next morning when warming up. Peter took the first heat  comfortably and I had to go back and think about it. The second heat went better and I led him out locking him on my hip down the front straight, I moved him up high to jump down the track at the bell and headed for home winning comfortably so I thought.

I was disqualified for moving up the track after the sprint had began. I protested and went up to see the film. I was nicely told by an old friend that was the chief referee that I need to go home and read the rule book as it had changed a lot since I had stopped competing at this level 15 years earlier. Well that was a lesson in keeping up to date.


20km Points Score

Well the plan was simple, blast away till I blew and so the race began. I started of good taking the first few sprints and feeling ok with a placing in the third then I was in trouble. Craig Taylor hit the bunch hard and rode of the front gaining half a lap fast and did not look like stopping. He quickly lapped the field and went straight by keeping his tempo.

This time 2 others jumped on, Peter Toth and Mark Harris and the race blew apart real quick. I found myself starting to loose a lap and in major trouble as that was the race riding away from me. As the race settled in to the chase I was in no mans land, not in the main pack and struggling. The 3 leaders picked me up and I got lucky and they dragged me back in to the main field.

With every body looking to survive the last 10 laps as the first 3 placing were already gone I was hoping to roll to the line and finish 4 th but with 8 laps to go when Steve Clayton and Claus Christiansen put the pressure on and I was in trouble again. I realized they were right behind me on points and I would have to sprint to keep my 4 place alive.
I picked up Craig Taylors wheel hoping he would not let anything go off the front. With 4 to go he put the gas on and picked the others up and launched me perfectly for the final sprint which I won comfortably and held on to 4 place

Well this was a great trip 1 win and a 4 was well worth the effort.

Thanks to every body that helped make this trip a winner.


Bert Glennon


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