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What is "Strength" to the Track Cyclist.

"The balancing force between Science and Practicality."

Strength became the element of choice for Track athletes after the testing boom of the 90's as it provided most solutions to the performance related issues with the ongoing changes in the racing rules and schedules along with the racing going mostly to indoor 250 meter venues changing the performance dynamics as well to the track surface.

While the perception is its mostly about the trained physical body to produce performances, Track cycling contradicts this as often the strongest and most powerful athletes could not reproduce the effects efficiently to the track surface. The body's perception to the out-put environment was very different to what was perceived to be true for most, what was a nice soothe delivery visually to the coaches was an out-put data file with huge fluctuations because of the input of the tracks environment and shape played in the building of the data file.

The power meter became the weapon of choice, " its all about the watts era was upon us" as the road went one way with it with a correlating to the heart and Lactate protocols, the track athletes had a very different take because the environment of the racing had a huge effect on out-put readings because of the confines of the smaller indoor tracks beginning to be used.

 Skill and delivery technique brought on a whole new meanings as producing the strength gains required an understanding of the tracks huge part in the puzzle to keep the out-put file within the correct ranges to produce the required answers.

Strength Development Techniques and the skill of manipulating the track became the elements to control the consistency of the out-put watt variance when being delivered at the Indoor Tracks and reproduced the answers the scientists were looking for to control the lactate development so as the controlling factor for Indoor performance could be address, Muscle Fatigue which was produced by the subconscious response to the force in the corners through force muscle fiber activation of the Type 11a and 11b fibers to the resistance felt.

Born was the era of very structured and controlled efforts delivered to mathematical equations built on computers to the correct corresponding delivery paths and reproduced on to the track by athletes produced by the High Performance coach who instructed them how to get their fitness to the track and produce actual out-put results.

Building strength is not complicated, Producing it effectively as a Track cyclist can be as it contradicts many beliefs of the cardio based system.


Because many of you here are beginning to ask the right questions pertaining to specific Training for Track Cycling we will begin too expand these pages to inspire you to changeling your belief with real data examples throughout the year.

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Strength (Torque)             -             Power (watts)             -             RPM (Leg speed)

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