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Strength (Torque)             -             Power (watts)             -             RPM (Leg speed)

What is "RPM Leg speed" to the Track Cyclist using a modern Strength based program !

"Leg speed was once the Holly Grail of elements for track cyclist."

Now it is the number 1 strength killing element when not developed within the correct neuromuscular sequence and rate, Gone are the days of reckless down hill rages to see who could hang on all strapped in on the fixed gear, How can this be ?

Methods were once again replace with a methodical controlled development of the Muscle contraction rate (RPM'S) to develop the neuromuscular connection to stay within the final solution the scientists were looking for because the muscle contraction rate had to be developed slowly to bring the strength across to reduce the explosive power to be developed in a very clean "GREEN" power environment for the athlete to produce greater out-put speeds and longer run times and still reproduced the answers the scientists were looking for to control the lactate development so the Muscle Fatigue associated with the Indoor Facility's could be controled.

When done carefully and effectively the word "impossible" became obsolete.

As the new "Holly Grail of elements for track cyclists was produced."

A data file that kept growing in out-put and recovery sequence until the run time of the trained equation was produced.

While the convention file here began at the same out-put wattage but faded in to the delivery sequence,


Leg speed is still the critical element as it builds the neuromuscular connections at the required load rates to be transferred to actual out-put improvements to the track surface in "clean GREEN power" at greater and longer sustainable rate's.


Because many of you here are beginning to ask the right questions pertaining to specific Training for Track Cycling we will begin too expand these pages to inspire you to changeling your belief with real data examples throughout the year.

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Strength (Torque)             -             Power (watts)             -             RPM (Leg speed)

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