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What is "Power" to the Track Cyclist using modern Techniques !

"While the Planet went "GREEN" in the late 90's so did the athletes body with lactate production for Indoor Track Cyclists."

At the end of the day the "watt" is the measure of out-put performance but for an Endurance Track Athlete it is also the enemy if it is not produced cleanly in relationship to the Indoor Facility's as the Muscle Fatigue which was established as the controlling factor for Indoor Athletes requires controlled lactate development to include it in the out-put equation to increase the run time of the athlete for the specific event development. Their are not many places to hide on the track, 1 mistake and its often over.

A normal out-put response when using a evaluation ride to measure current fitness levels after a (LT) cardio lactate structured workout program on a Indoor Track is awesome, huge power numbers delivered. If the wattage out-put was the only concern this workout is supreme. Lactate threshold programs are an extremely proven technique for endurance athletes and will stand the test of time but become dangerous for many athlete using them on a Indoor Facility as the controlling factor for a Indoor Cycling athletes is Muscle Fatigue and these type of programs stimulate many negative fatigue producing element within the body before a lactate failure occurs.

With the amount of Endurance Events only a third of the old required performance time, sprint strength manipulation techniques crossed over perfectly and became the tool of choice to produce very clean "GREEN" power for the endurance athlete producing greater out-put speeds and longer run times and reproduced the answers the scientists were looking for to control the lactate development from interfering with the Muscle Fatigue failing elements for events for Indoor cycling without the need for conventional lactate tolerance work.

Not one conventional lactate threshold interval was use for 15 month in training to reprogram the athlete in producing the graphs here. When the correct neuromuscular trigger is used the out-put response is very different when using the evaluation ride to measure current fitness levels.

The word Fitness has been replace with out-put response and lactate with fatigue in many circles as these are the terms that fit the new structures that produce the results in a Strength and Power developed athlete, once this neuromuscular development is complete many medical techniques can be used to effect blood volume and blood values because of the cleanness of the produced power as the lactate threshold is never breached.

A modern track cyclist is built with many different techniques and tools.

Because many of you here are beginning to ask the right questions pertaining to specific Training for Track Cycling we will begin too expand these pages to inspire you to changeling your belief with real data examples throughout the year.

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Strength (Torque)             -             Power (watts)             -             RPM (Leg speed)

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