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Olympic Silver Medalist
World Medalist, World Masters Gold Medalist



My Coaching Philosophy

 To apply my previous and current experiences in the sport to my athletes in a way that will help them continually improve, increase their skill level and reach their desired goals. Being an elite athlete myself I have experienced many different coaching styles. Through experience and education I can refine my coaching technique to include the aspects I found most successful and then incorporate my own ideals. I will pass on knowledge gained through research and sports science practices. I take an integrated approach that incorporates training, a balanced lifestyle, recovery, and conditioning - all in aim of achieving the best results for a specific individual.


My goal is to help each athlete reach their cycling goals through individualized training programs that will be specific, challenging, and bring enjoyment and a sense of achievement to the athlete. The importance I place on winning will be dependant upon the individual and their own specific goals. Achieving a personal best time is to me winning and a positive achievement for the athlete.


Communication between athlete and coach is vital and my philosophy emphasizes enthusiasm and dedication to help achieve realistic goals through open communication. I believe for this to occur, the rider should be treated with respect, honesty and integrity. Each rider will be treated equally and fairly.


Likewise, I will treat parents and other stakeholders with respect, and as important parties within the extended coach/athlete relationship. I believe they too, are important to the riders success and their ability to reach goals. With this in mind, I will continually communicate with them to ensure they are aware and included so as to create a sense of team atmosphere between rider, coach, parents and stakeholders. 


With regards to fair play issues, my approach is to stand strongly against the use of drugs in sport.  I am a firm believer in hard work and commitment; this is the only way to achieve your sporting goals. I will provide each athlete with all the tools that are needed to achieve their personal best without the need of performance enhancing substances. 

I will protect my athletes from unsportsmanlike behavior and will not tolerate any athlete under my direction to participate in this behavior, whether it is to me or any other athletes that they may be competing against.  As a coach I am always available to the athlete, parents and stakeholders and will provide honest and correct information in regards to fair play issues.


“Honesty and commitment is the ingredient for success!”

Michelle Ferris



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