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2012 BGM Sports Racing


Dana Point Grand Prix of Cycling  May 6, 2012

Dana Point with a great 6 corner, figure 8 challenging course produces some hard racing and this year was no exception.

The race was a full field with plenty of horsepower pushing the front for the first 30 minuets until a short lull had riders climbing the barriers and even T-boning the officials booth at the finish line one lap, O' Yea Dana Point was alive for sure today.

We got back on the pace and it was not long before the front group was working its way down to single file at the front again making it tough until the lap boards came out and it became a free for all as the speed was being force from every direction, no one team had control and it got very erratic until BFC forced a line at the front with 2 to go, I was relaxing nicely behind Craig Miller from BBI-SI as we entered the home straight coming into 1 lap to go, I began rolling down the outside of the bunch into turn 1 and out the front as we hit turn 2, turn 3 came quick and I hit the gas hard making it tough into turn 4 coming into the dip, cresting the dip up into turn 5 was crunch time with a full effort lasting over the top into turn 6 and a final shift into the 11 and holding on into the finishing straight looking for the line.

Richard Meeker (BFC) blew past as I began to falter 100m out with Mark Noble, Craig Miller and Bill Harris (BBI-SI) in close contention, I was done, as I was swamped and rolled in watch Richard punching the air. The final placing were in that order.

A great day was had.



Back to the grind.

So racing had to start back up and motivation was not screaming after a relaxing time in Australia, I slipped down to the Surf City Crit at the CBR Races to get my evaluation data measurements first and set the plan up for the next 12 weeks.

The Chuck Pontius Memorial Criterium on Sunday, April 29 in Santa Clarita was the beginning and O' Boy was it ugly and I could just not find the race grove at all in the first race. It came down to a field sprint and at the bell it was a nice single file led by the BFC Team with Richard Meeker sitting pretty up front, I was still sitting down the back but as we enter the back straight I noticed Frank Schroeder BBI-SI pulling out to make a run down the outside so I slipped up to follow him through. What a mistake that was, half way to the front I was already falling apart so as he hit the front I took a moment to pause, (apparently I need a wide load sign for my ass when parking as I put the squeeze on a few) this was mistake 2 as Craig Miller BBI-SI came flying past putting 20 length in to the group into the second last corner as I borked. It was up hill from their into the last corner and it was then a Star Wars opening as riders blew by leaving me in the crater I was digging.

The first one is always ugly after a big Gym and big gear set and this one was no day at the beach for sure.

I slipped on the back for the 30 + race and got my time in and was very pleased to finally be going home



April is already half over,

So the quick trip back to Australia was awesome. Slipped in a few K's and a nice productive week at the races in Melbourne.

It started out gloomy and had to hit the BT for a few days (my least favorite item) until the weather improved, then we got to slip down to Frankston for the Iron Man before heading back to Warrnambool for a few relaxing days before the Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay across Victoria.

Loading up for the drive across the state to the start the weather looked perfect for the ride. Next Morning tho as we headed out of Echuca our start point it was a slug fest into a side-head wind full of love and anger, a very character building day was in for sure. Every body survive without killing each other and a fantastic tough day was had by all. Some great R and R.


Got to relax a bit before heading back to Melbourne for the races too.


The Championships in Melbourne provided the ideal place to finally figure out why some were not turning huge training gains into race performances. Thanks to great friends I had the luxury of a booth over the track to view from providing most of the answers by just observing.

As the week progressed we were treated to some unbelievable racing with the constant tumbling of World records to boot. The best sprint racing was with Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny in the sprint semi final as the tension showed this was way more than a semi final ride off with the Olympics looming in August.


The Team pursuit time's decrease as predicted from the London Test event data also, keeping in mind too the air density was not perfect in Melbourne either but the track was fast because on the sanding of the boards to mimic the new track in London, The men's and women's top teams still have a nearly a full second in delivery waist to clean up after reviewing the finals data also, so London has the potential to be extremely fast as the delivery sequences are perfected with speed over the next few months.

Don't rule out the local girls here just yet either as they have all the correct base training data to still be competitive, they are just a little short on experience in converting it into racing data to perform indoors against the seasoned Team Pursuit country's.

The lesson of the week comes from the men's Team Sprint as the English's and German teams were disqualified pushing Australia and the French into a Gold medal race instead of the bronze.

" Luck is a bonus, not a option."

Rider of the week was by far Ben Swift from England, winning the men's Scratch race first and then in an epic battle with Cameron Meyer in the points race finished second. Toping it off with another silver in the last race of the carnival the Madison.


Back to the real world for a while now again.




2012, March 1, Yes, that' was a interesting start to the year.

The New Years days ride in the doom and gloom of the coast in Malibu was the highlight of the year so far as a stupid accident mid January left me with 6 weeks of recovery after a shoulder injury, Got to love stupidity.


 I have had to be satisfied living through Charon Smith and the Surf City Cyclery Team here locally dominating the seen with Danny Munson make them larger than life through the camera lens to boot.

With the start of racing in full flight the usual questions popped up after the off season developing strength profiles.

The coaching quote of the month was,

"Boulevard was very bad, you have put me on strength training program and not once did I use what I have trained during the race, that's why I fell off the back and didn't do well during the race. I put it in a small gear and used my heart, which didn't come through, next time its all strength."

This inspired March's Topic "Racing data is very different to strength training data."

"How can you convert strength into a faster and more efficient sustainable speed with less out-put wattage for racing effectively!

"Impossible" is the popular answer.

Developing strength,  A good road cycling example,

A rider climbing a 1/2 % grade producing 400 watts at a torque rate of 200 lb-in,  traveling at 40 km an hour at 100 rpm reaches the top and the road turns flat,

If he continues at 40 km an hour and 100 rpm's

what happens to the watt, 'it drops'.

what happens to the torque, 'it drops'.

If instead he was to maintain the 400 watts and 200 lb-in torque

what happens to the km per hour, 'it goes up' !

what happens to the rpm's, 'it goes up' !

If the road now drops 1/2 % grade down and he maintains the 400 watts and 200 lb-in torque

what happens to the km per hour, 'it goes up again' !

what happens to the rpm's, 'it goes up again' !

If instead he was to continues at the 40 km an hour and 100 rpm's

what happens to the watt, 'it drops again'.

what happens to the torque, 'it drops again'.

Can a athlete develop enough strength resistance on a flat surface to then change his rpm's releasing the torque and produce a greater speed with a lower wattage out-put like above.

Can a athlete build a curve like this into his strength workout profile numbers to produce a down hill effect like this generating a speed increase on a flat surface ?

 When being confined to a track and indoor facilities with constant rolling resistant numbers, O' Boy, Yes he can, with some extra effort it can be done on the road doing TT's as well, can it enhance all-round racing performances, O' Boy yes it will.

This is Strength.

This is a Track Strength Training delivery sequence profile utilizing the track's shape to enhance the conversion effect of the strength (torque) drops with tapering workouts producing the impossible speed gains to the track surface.

See the evaluation results on the  Track Tips  page.

We will do a Road TT profile later in the month for you also.

Hopefully its back to cycling myself this month, looking forward to getting back out their.


Hope everyone is well.





2012,  Yes it is coming.    No,  I am not ready !

I don't know about the rest of you but December 1st certainly came along really fast after the Vegas show last week, boy, where the hell did the time go!. With it everything finally fell into place cycling team wise as it was the last deadline for next season setup so were now up and rolling after a few last Minuit adjustments Friday and heading in the right direction for 2012, Not sure what that is totally yet tho, but their is movement.

Thanks for all the e-mails about the new BGM clothing over the weekend, and Yes it will be for sale and Yes I will be selling clothing again in the USA with the Nemisis Athletic Apparels line from Australia here soon. "Stay Tuned."

Yes, as many of you pointed out, the jersey does have the old Aussie look back this year and Yes, I will be racing in the BGM Sport Clubs out fit this season instead of combing with Franks group at Schroeder Iron. No' sorry to say, their is no drama or gossip a foot, Schroeder Iron is combining with Better Beverages Inc to form  Better Beverages Inc - Schroeder Iron Corp Cycling Team (BBI-SIC) for 2012   (this is their new 2012 Facebook link.) and I will be back Focusing on my stuff with the Track builds and coaching. Don't worry I will be out their plenty of times to be a constant irritation to keep you honest.

2012 is going to be a big coaching focus year with some evolutions in training techniques concluding that have been developed with some great people being involved. The developing changes into the performance world are a little staggering at the moment, I have heard that's impossible so many time in the last 6 month its been awesome because that means we are definitely heading in the right direction with the development. Especially when were producing the data backing it up.  Yes, Not everyone is happy with that either.

Its been a busy week cycling wise with the World Cup in Cali Columbia so I was pleased to see the New girl friend waiting on the porch Friday night when I got home, O' boy she looks and feels way to light, its going to be interesting to see how long its going to last after having a rock solid sprinting model last year that performed better the faster it went, the few times I got to used it.

"Stay Relaxed."

Hope everyone had a good New Year  and all is well.



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