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2 x World Masters Champion
California Elite Medalist
Australian State Champion

My Coaching Philosophy

" Stay Relaxed "


 I began cycling at 12 years of age and was nothing special.  By the time I was 16 I had won my First State Championship medal and was performing fairly well.

I began to realize as a junior that cycling was not just about who was the strongest or who had the most talent, it was also about thinking.  How you think is the single most important aspect of sports.  The body will only do what the mind tells it to do.  When combining the three, winning will come naturally.

I had the privilege to race and train with some of Australia's greatest riders and coaches during the 80's and early 90's, training with multi disciplined athletes at world level opens your mind to what really is need to achieve greatness.

I like to think of myself as an innovator, willing to constantly looking for and try new ideas as it pertains to performance and the human body. Coaching is constantly evolving and has improved drastically over the years and failure to keep on the cutting edge puts many coaches way out of touch.

All our coaching is done one on one and personally constructed using our knowledge from 30 years of cycling and educational experiences.

Here at BGM Sports we believe that your goals are what we are here to achieve.

You first need to ask your self, "what do I want." Then "How badly do I want it!" and finally "What am I willing to give up to achieve it." 

Daily commitment is crucial to achieving your potential.  The road to the top is full of personal sacrifices and you can tell a champion by his or hers sacrifices. 

We work on quality of life which is different for all.

Allow me the opportunity to show you how to improve your cycling beyond belief.

Bert Glennon



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